The Nintendo Switch Model number HAC-001(-01) is sold out at all retailers. Best Buy, Target, GameStop (is that still a thing?)

MSRP for a Switch is 299.99 and Switch Lite is 199.99. Thanks to the current pandemic that is going on, many people are selling the main switch for almost double of the price. When you get the console, some people are getting it damaged, missing parts or games, etc.




Here is a link to the amazon renewed store where 1 seller is selling the console for almost $500


A refurbished product regardless of what it is usually sells for half of the original price. The fact that people are selling most requested consoles almost double the MSRP is ridiculous. This is like people hoarding paper products, sanitizers and other cleaning supplies and selling them for triple of the value.

Hopefully when things return to normal, Nintendo can reopen and start selling these consoles at their regular MSRP. I will finally buy one and do a review of it. I refuse to buy from online retailers from amazon who are selling the consoles for $500+.

A user on reddit has made a guideline on building your own nintendo switch for $200. I might take on this project and record the process. Here is a link to the article.

The building process might be more fun and definitely cheaper than buying from these 3rd party sellers who are trying to win fast money. Here's a tip, if you have a lot of a popular item, sell it at the MSRP or at least MAYBE 5% above. You will actually sell more and make more money. Don't sell something double the actual value. /rant.