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The Good

I got this console during black friday 2014 deals with GTA5 and The Last of Us.

> Very fast and responsive. I've owned every playstation since the PS1 and watching graphics and speed evolve over the years is amazing.
> Big Hard Drives. The base model for this console came with 500 gb. Back in 2014, large games didn't take up a lot of space.
> Cool interface menu. I admit, my favorite menu is the PS2 version because at the time it seemed like it came from the future, so it was fun to look at. The PS4 version has a cool updated menu.

> I have never owned a blu-ray drive before. I didn't think they were still a thing, but I have blu-ray movies I can finally watch.

> Favorite games on PS4 so far: Final Fantasy 7 and 15, GTA5, WWE 2K15 (The last year I purchased for PS4)

The Bad

Okay, this is going to seem like there's more bad, but I do enjoy the PS4 overall. I am listing all of the trouble I have encountered with the PS4

1. The famous 42118-6 error code. This code is ridiculous. It seems like if you modify your console in any way, this code shows up for no reason. I took my console apart to clean it and reapply thermal paste, because with the next problem came a very bad heat issue. You have to download the original setup files from Sony and make sure it's copied to a usb drive that's FAT32 or eXFAT. Go into safe mode and reinitialize the PS4. Basically starting over. Some people got this code by not doing anything. Just trying to get the latest update officially generated this code. And they try to say your blu-ray drive is bad. I have tried swapping out my mechanical hard drive with an SSD. I followed the steps to download and backup, created the appropriate files and folders on a usb drive, and either the PS4 doesn't boot, or this error pops up.

2. Power Button, Eject button doesn't work. I've found a million results over youtube and google with this problem and very few fixes. If you short something out, it's pretty much game over. They ask you to try a few steps, and if all else fails, pay someone to fix it. AKA replace the board or power supply. Most likely the board.

3. Controller constantly disconnects. It doesn't matter when it happens. I'll be in the middle of a game, doing nothing, even with the wire connected. I lose connection and pressing the PS button instantly gets it back.

4. Heat and noise. Why should this be a problem out of the box? Again all over google people are still having issues with PS4 heat issues. I had to take my console apart and redo the thermal paste with MX4 Arctic. The heat went down a bit, but the PS4 sounds like an air jet.


Overall - 6/10

I still think Sony makes amazing products and the games are awesome. However common issues are constantly showing up that are not addressed, and right away you have to send the console in if you are not tech savy enough to fix the issues. The biggest concern is heat. If you don't have proper vents in your console, it will fry itself. You shouldn't have to buy extra hardware just to keep it cool. A medium concern is the ability to customize or repair consoles yourself. This means any console, Sony, Nintendo, etc. I can understand not being able to modify major system files to keep hackers or bad things from happening to your system, but simple things like fixing your console when something breaks should be available to everyone that can do it.