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June 14, 2020



Diablo 3 Current Playlist

1. Season 20 - Trying to reach high paragons before the seasons end. Currently playing Witch Doctor. Has been favorite since Diablo 3's release in 2012.


What are the best builds for witch doctors?

As of season 20, June 2020, the Mundunugu set is currently the best build for Witch Doctors. I am currently farming the set while using the Helltooth Build.



Season 20 Videos

Download VLC media player - Click here (opens new website)

- 6/4/2020 - Nephalem Rift Torment 4 at Level 70 Paragon 161
Click here to save video - Works with Windows Media Player or VLC



Items that seem to drop all of the time regardless of seasonal or regular playthrough:

- Leoric's Crown - Head
752* Armor

- The Short Man's Finger
Often comes with primary stat increase plus critical hit damage increase



Tips for fighting elites, champions, bosses, etc as witch doctor

If you are using a pet doctor build, your pets do the damage and you support them. Try to get zombie dogs, gargantuan, fetish army, and have them attack. You are not a tank, so don't try rushing in and killing everything. Get items with pet damage bonuses, add bonuses to paragon and enchant current items to have those effects and you will see results.



Hardcore mode

Just as the name says, hardcore mode is really intense. Once you die, that's it. You need to start over. You can be paragon 1 million with the best gear, but if a zombie happens to bite you and you die while in hardcore mode, you are done. So will I do hardcore mode? Eventually. When Diablo 3 first came out in 2012, I had a few hardcore toons I played with, but died quickly so I am rethinking on how to return to hardcore mode. When Diablo 2 had hardcore mode, it was equally as hard because you are more paranoid about aggroing mobs and randomly tripping on a wire and dieing.


I started a hardcore toon!

Since video sizes are huge, I will upload them in parts. If I should do something dumb and get myself killed, I will post that too.

Part 1 - Signing the contract, doing act 1 quests

Part 2 - Act 2 quests, leveling up

Part 3 - More bounties added 6/14/2020





Diablo 2 Remastered

Diablo 2 Remastered is coming? News and rumors regarding release

Update - 6/14 - The last articles I can find about Diablo II remastered is from May 23rd. Some pages say it's still in development, and others say it's bound to disappoint because Warcraft 3 reforged scored so low in the ratings.

Once I find more information I will post it here or in the news section when it's available. So far I have seen a few posts that said D2 remastered is bound to be released in Q4 2020. Due to covid 19, BlizzCon 2020 is canceled.



Diablo 4 is coming

While Diablo 2 remastered is part of the rumor mill, Diablo 4 is coming hopefully by the end of 2020. It will be available on Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4.



System Requirements - source from

Minimum Requirements - Note that just meeting the minimum is not actually recommended. Although the game will run, I recommend having at least a quad core processor with at least a GTX 700 series card or AMD RX 570.

OS - Windows 7, 8 or 10 with Latest service pack. Note that Windows 7 has reached end of support and will not be getting updates

CPU - Intel core 2 duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2. These cpu's are very old but will run the game. You can build budget machines or get pre-built with better specs.

Video - Nvidia Geforce 8800GT or ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT or Intel HD graphics 4000

Ram - 2 GB, 4 GB recommended

Storage - 25 gb. Not including Windows or anything else. I recommend using a solid state drive. It won't effect performance, but the read and write times, and loading times will be quicker.

Media - DVD-ROM drive (if you are still installing from the disk) If you have a good internet connection, you can download the game quickly. At 15 mbps, I can download it in about 1 hour tops.

Resolution - 1024x768 min display



Join me on twitch!

Click here to watch me play Diablo and other games, or just come and chill.

Rules of my channel:

- No harassment, spam. Both are equally annoying.
- No advertising. If you come to the channel, you just want to watch games and have fun with others. If you advertise stuff such as "get free viewers" or something along those lines, you will get banned, which brings me to the next rule:
- No bots. Any user name with the name bot in it will be banned. All bots do is spam the channel and ruin the fun for everyone.
- Follow's guidelines at all times. Anyone breaking the rules from twitch will get banned. We are here to have fun.
- Do not post copyrighted content. Unless you can prove you have permission to do so, simply don't do it.

These rules can be changed, modified at any time, when needed. 6/5/20