Can Microsoft come back to the cell phone market? - 10/25/19

The Lumia 650 was Microsoft's last smart phone produced in 2016. If you haven't noticed, Microsoft hasn't made smart phones in a while. There are rumors that Microsoft is using Surface to produce cell phones in 2020. Microsoft is building an android phone, probably to get back in the market and have more people use Windows with Android. Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia was doomed from the start because of lack of apps and basically no features on their phones. Maybe this time around Microsoft will do better with the pairing of Android to get people to use Windows.




Windows 7 End of Support - 10/20/19

Windows 7 will no longer have security updates as of January 14, 2020. There will also be no more tech support and no more software updates. Users are recommended to upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 7 will still function, but like Windows XP and older os'es, there will be more risks by using the system with no security support

Click here for the notice

Click here if you still wish to download the ISO for Win7




Which search engine do you use? - 10/8/19

Google seems to be the go to for search engines. Which one is the best for you? I have tried other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and MSN. However none of them match up to Google. Google has always been the fastest and most reliant search since it opened in 1998. I don't use Yahoo! and Bing much anymore because I do not get the results accurately as Google. It is also the most responsive on any device I run it on. Sometimes search engines actually freeze or take too long on older devices. Google works on everything.


Today's Blog: Dell Dimension 4600

Release date - November 2003
Pentium 4 2.8 ghz - Single Core cpu
Socket 478
Intel 865G chipset
Hyperthreading Technology
DDR SDRAM 333 mhz, PC2700 - 512 mb installed (2gb max)
16x dvd rom drive
48x cd drive
7200 rpm parallel ata 80 gb hdd
intel extreme graphics 2 shared video memory uma

This computer does not support any os higher than Windows 7 32 bit. Windows 8 Developer Preview works, but only sound and network drivers can be installed. I tried to install Windows 8.1 and 10, but it is missing the NX feature.