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Step 1 - if you are using a dvd to install windows, you can insert it as soon as you turn on your pc. If you are using a bootable usb flash drive, insert that to a usb port and make sure bios is set to first boot priority.

Choose your language, time format and keyboard input, then click Next, and Install


You will be prompted to type a product key. You can choose I don't have a product key, and activate after windows is installed.


Next choose your edition with Windows that you purchased. I am selecting Windows 10 Pro. If you already activated Windows before and say you changed the hard drive, your computer will detect the version you purchased and activate Windows once you go online.


Next Windows will ask you which type of install you need. I like to choose Custom and do a clean install. This wipes out your disk and does a clean install of Windows. Make sure you have access to installers for old programs with their product keys, and make sure you backed up all important documents, pictures and anything else before continuing.


Next you will be asked where do you want to install Windows. You might have more than one disk, so make sure you clean and choose the correct disk. In this example, I am using one disk. Click New to make a new partition. Then click Apply to use all of the space, then click OK. Click next to begin copying files. This might take a while. After the process is done, it will reboot a few times. After that, it will ask you to press any key to boot from cd or dvd if you used one. Don't do that or it will take you to the installer again. If you used a flash drive, make sure you unplug the drive after the system does the last reboot.



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